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Happy New Year! From all of us at MTI Polyexe!

Posted by Thomas Zickell on Sat, Dec 31, 2011 @ 15:12 PM

MTI Polyexe Corporation wants to thank you all for giving us a great 2011. We look forward to providing more innovative products and high quality service you have come to expect from us in 2012. If you are already a customer we are grateful for your loyalty. If you are not yet a customer and are looking for a company that can save you money and time please contact us.

We are the only plastic film manufacturer that has the ability to house blown film extruders along with cutting edge silicone coating lines under the same roof. MTI Polyexe has the ability to manufacture specialty films like our high end TPO's, polypropylene's and polyethylenes, combined with the ability of taking base films and turning it into silicone coated release liner without the extra time and cost of trucking it to a second company we manufacture to release liner and the substrate therefore saving you both time and money. One call to MTI Polyexe makes it very quick and easy to get what you want, when you want it. Whether it is one of our specialty films or silicone coated release liners or both.

From all of us at MTI Polyexe we want to wish you a happy new year!

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