Base Films & Blown Film Extrusion

Advanced technology yields silicone-friendly, flatter films

MTiPolyexe’s ADDEX blown film line is the newest and most versatile in the industry. It features the first in-line annealing system in North America. This MDO process stretches the film to remove the slightest caliper variations, reduces curl tendencies, and improves physical properties.

Engineered films for any use

Engineered films are designed for specialty and industrial applications including packaging, barriers, anti-skid walkable surfaces, coating, printing, and laminations. Films are available up to 90 inches wide and 1 to 8 mils thick, with different colors on each side, and color matching of any shade and depth. Properties can include flame retardance, high opacity, transparency, and UV-resistance (up to 20 years).

In addition to silicone friendly substrates, Polyexe (pronounced “Poly-x”) can make special PSA carriers, face-stocks, and backing films. Call for your special requirements.

Engineered Base Film Highlights

  • Coextruded multi-layer constructions with unique combinations of colors and resins
  • In-line annealing system yields flat, stress-free, and consistent base films
  • Specialty and custom uses include anti-skid, psa carriers, label facestocks, tape backings, metallizing, release liners, and outdoor exposure applications