Anti Skid Film

Anti-skid film for building and construction applications

MTi Polyexe’s Anti-Skid films won the “Technology of the Year Award” in 2007 from the North American converting industry. These high friction films are used as surfaces in building and construction applications where safety and wet walkability are key.

Weather-resistance, UV barriers, and the rough surface make these films ideal for sub-roofing materials, stairs and steps, sporting goods, etc. MTi Polyexe friction films exhibit excellent strength properties and are suitable for all lamination processes.

Anti-skid film highlights

  • AIMCAL Technology of the Year Award in 2007
  • High-friction films available in more than 15 varieties
  • Custom colors and manufactured to your specifications
  • Safety and wet waIkable surfaces for building and construction
  • Lower caliper "grit-only" friction films also available
  • backside anchorage-enhancing additives for improved bonding

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