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Industry Leading Blown Film Extrusion and Specialty Silicone Coating

Our engineering team applies MTI Polyexe's decades of experience to develop new silicone release chemistries, and products made from co-extruded multi-layer films. Our solutions include proprietary, experimental, and exclusive applications developed for your needs.

Blown film Extrusion - Silicone Coating - Anti Skid Films

MTI Polyexe's blown film capabilities include color-matching and traction treatments. We can create films up to 85 inches wide with multiple color options.

We have one of the most advanced labs in the industry to insure our products meet your specifications AND your expectations.


Silicone Release Coatings

MTI Polyexe is a leader in the release liner market for the construction, label, graphics, tape, and proprietary applications.

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Custom Engineered Films

MTI Polyexe's technical team holds patents for a variety of specialty films.  Bring us your challenges and we will provide a solution.

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Traction Surfaces

MTI Polyexe is an AIMCAL Technology of the Year winner for patented films with walkable surfaces for a variety of applications.

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All of our products are manufactured in our
Brentwood New Hampshire facility


Our analytical laboratory capabilities are unsurpassed in the industry

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