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MTI Polyexe Corporation.
50 Pine Road
Brentwood, NH 03833-6509
Tel : +1(603)-778-1449
Fax: +1(603)-778-2740

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Vice President, Sales & Marketing

Mike Sullivan
1-207- 450 7071

Vice President, Technical Operations

George Orlych
1-603-778 1449, ext. 125
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Customer Service Manager

Marlena Main
1-603-778 1449, ext. 133

Vist us 50 Pine Road, Brentwood, NH 03833-6509

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MTI & Polyexe are manufacturers of multi-layer, colored, coextruded films up to 90” wide. Capabilities include: silicone coating, embossing & specialty coatings. Applications: industrial tapes, building & construction, graphics, electronics, label. In-line annealing system on blown film extruder is unique; creates low caliper variation film with high dimensional stability. Specialty expertise includes manufacture of tough, anti-skid / friction films with high UV resistance.
50 Pine Road
United States